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MEME REQUEST 3: Lover of Stories

FINALLY, another request from this MEME is done. :3

loverofstories asked for: IshiHime. Draw Orihime introducing Ishida to (a picture of) Sora, and Ishida introducing her to (a picture of) his grandfather.

So here you dear ;3 I hope you like this!

Long awaited meeting - SIDE A by *kala-k on deviantART

This was a true chanllenge, after reading her petition I knew it can't be easy to put such request in one single picture, so after thinking very well I decided to do a comic for it. This is my first attend at doing it. I know I have a lot to learn but I truly enjoyed the proccess and that I work better when I think in fic terms to come with a good plot to start drawing x3

I drew a rought sketch, I erased panels, changed others and rewrited the dialogue over and over. I'm gonna need an editor the next time x___D

I'm proud of that kneeling Ishida :D, yay!

NEXT: Billy y teddy from the Young Avengers for cris_san that's gonna be Teh Challenge! :D
Tags: bleach, fanart, ishihime, meme


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