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Follow the tagging :D

Tagged byloverofstories;D for this meme.

Character: Hachi from Nana

1. Do you like this character?
Yes! ^_^

2. What name(s) do you call this character?
Hachi :3

3. What image/color do you associate with this character?
Pink :3

4. What image/song do you associate with this character?
A noisy puppy XD

5. What blood type do you think this character is?
O type~ she is such a spoiled child, I luve her xD

6. Of all the titles that this character appears in, who do you like to put this character with?
Takumi~ (I hope no one kills me for that :_D)

7. What would you like to say to this character?
Congratulations for becoming such an strong woman, you have to thank your loving family for making you this great <3 the rest of the cast needs you (specially Nana punk)

8. What do you want to do with this character?
Men sightseeing xD

9. Tag five friends with some characters!
Whatever you want~ ;D
Tags: manga, meme, nana


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