April 18th, 2009


Vagabond First Impressions


Wah! I like Takezo!

I love Otsu chaaan!

And I'm love with monk "I'm this awesome" Takuan X3333333333333333333333

I like it, definitively I love this manga.

I have to admit the first volume was a bit hard to read, it didn't catch my interest, (Real did it in one chapter! x_D), but I keep reading beacuse it was Takehiko's manga. Of course the man have to surprise me in a good way.

And he did it when Takezo returned to Miyamoto's village.

I really appreciate the tension there, the manhunt and I saw Otsu whose character cause me curiosity since Inoue drawed her at Kinokuniya's bookstore.

But was in volume 2 when I really felt in love with all of this.

* I really like Otsu and it's weird since normally I'm not this fond about female characters (men drag all my attention x_D) But her character is so funny and cute, and also she is strong in her own way and cares sincerely about Takezo.

* I started to like Takezo in the middle of volume two, I liked his design, his raw strengh which remember me Hanamichi' strengh but in second volume Inoue go into Takezo in depth, thanks to monk Takuan and thanks to Otsu too.

* Monk Takuan: OMG! *_* I really like this man, his design of course is cool, his character is beyond cool for me xD I like his smile and he is so brutally honest that made me laugh hard xD and I really appreciate he tried to help Takezo (in his own waaaay xDDD)

About art, well Inoue's art is appealing. Combination between tipycal manga art and ink strokes dragged my attention. The detail on faces on close up bordering the reality are amazing for me *_* and give more dramatic tension to the moment, Takezo had great close up like this *_*

you can feel it...

Today I'll read volume 3