July 29th, 2009


Bleach pairing moment

Because I need to do one xDDDDD

Since yesterday I've reading a nice ESSAY about Ichigo/Orihime "love" (WUT?) being fail. It was a good essay because this didn't use the comparison between ships to make its points and was more on the line of explain authorial intent.

I liked it, my logic was so with it. I can understand the appeal in the IchiHime and I love the idea of Orihime being able to express her feelings for Ichigo without any fear and Ichigo being able to realize them and to understand the true Orihime.

I can understand all of that.

BUT... what I CAN'T understand is the idea of Ichihime being a reciprocate love now that is crack big time for me. I can't get it, seriously O_O, because is so clearly one sided and there isn't any hint from his author to change the situation for those two to connect finally.

Yeah, IshiHime has the same one sided element (I don't live denying the true like some people xP), but the interaction between Ishida and Orihime are better than IchiHime interaction. In fact I can't seeing myself doing a big fuss if IshiHime doesn't become canon, (I'll be sad of course and I could be happy if IshiHime Love happens), but as someone said, canon has became some kind of prize and if you don't get it, then you are a loser/idiot (crazy fanDOOM), such idea is tiring.

The fact it's I'll keep shipping IshiHime even if they don't become canon. I love Ishida and Orihime together and separate, I like the idea of a possible love between them because the potential scenarios are so awesome for me (healing each other, complementacion, team work, cuteness, equilibrium -Orihime is so joyful and dreamy, Ishida is a bit narrow and serious-; etc.)

Do You know what also remembers me IchiHIme?

It remembers me of Eowyn and her infatuation with Aragorn and how Aragorn talks about it with Eomer while they are at the Houses of Healing (LOTR: The Return of the King)

He told Eomer that Eowyn loves an idea of him, just a shadow. For that reason his calling (Aragorn's) can't help her, but Eomer's because he is her brother and she loves him truly unike him." DUN DUN DUN! xD

Every time I read that I though about Orihime and her own infatuation and how similar is to Eowyn's.

I don't ship IchiRuki (RenRu aaaall the way babies!) but I don't get that IchiHime loving vibe that a certain sector of IchiHime's fans can (or wish) to see.

Well, there are too much denial there x______D

*go back to draw*