August 1st, 2014


Fairy Tail Fics!!!

Volviendo aqui como quien no quiere la cosa porque no tengo mas lugar donde publicar estas piezas sin revisar y hechas a puro golpe de sentimiento gracias a tres estupendos arts de mi amiga Eqqlo, nacidos despues de una tarde de paranoias y fangirleos de shipper enfebrecida xDDDD

Corregire mas tarde cualqueir horror ortografico, pero queria ponerlos en algun sitio para que la regalada pase a leer un ratito. Ya luego buscare beta en ingles para que me patee my sorry ass con el english grammar (me temo sere abofeteada con un diccionario)

She knew everything started that day five years ago. After their fight with Tartarus, after everything settled down and everyone was safe and sound, after the sun set and the starts started gleaming, it started.

With broken words from a broken man.

During all that time she though Jellal had been the only one carrying the heaviest of the burdens, but she never gave a second though about him and his feelings, and how he could feel the same pain.

She wanted to cry that day, but more than anything she wanted to erase all his guilt, his regrets. She wasn't worthy of any of that. She never though she could make suffer any other human being for a thing she never hold him responsible for.

So she did the only thing her heart told her to do and even if in the end it hurt him even more, it also saved him and turned their fates upside down, without none of them realizing till years later.

And it was for the best, she though closing her eyes slowly as slowly as his face approached hers. Softly as the way she caressed his face, with uncertainty and nervousness as the kiss they shared as their beggining for the first time with the first man she had fallen for.

How do you explain seven years of regrets? How do you tell the person you almost killed for your own selfish reasons about your guilt? How do you express in words how sorry you are? How much of a shitty excuse of a human being you see yourself?


He would like to know, because he has tried to, but words have failed him at that crucial moment, and the next thing he feels is a lump in his throat, his choked sobs trying to explain himself and his knees giving up unable to look at that kind, trusting girl that didn't deserve any of the shit he put her through.

-I am sorry... I am so sorry...

He repeats to the point the words lost its meaning, however, it doesn't matter, it never mattered.

Not when at the next second, the sky goddess in her endless kindness has closed the distance embracing your pain and making it hers to forgive you, giving you words of comfort through her tears, words you knew you wanted but also you knew you didn't deserve.

And you can't hel but think that, this, this is the punishment you deserved, because hatred would have hurt less than the kidness and love she has given to you.

You feel overhelmed.

A secret that everyone knew inside the microuniverse of the coffe shop.

Outside it, it was like walking in eggshells. Furtive glances, nervous looks, he was always careful, not for himself but for her. He was more experienced into the ways of the world than her, he could deal with whatever they threw at him, but her, Wendy was so pure and innocent. Sweet sixteen year old Wendy who keep hopes and dreams in the open and believed in simple solutions when the world didn't work in that way.

But still he took the risk and surprisingly she jumped with the same determination alongside him. And with the same determination he though while cleaning the tables that night next to her, he would protect her when the world outside came to know about their little secret.